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2019 Sponsor Shirts

2nd Chance ordering for Club/Sponsor Shirts! After hearing that we had some parents that missed out on ordering Club/Sponsor shirts for themselves, we are opening it back up until next Wednesday night, the 27th for new orders. Click the link and submit an order if you want to get in on this order!!! Please let me know if you have any questions!  This is the same shirt your wrestler got on picture night.

Any questions please let Teresa Kness know!! 

Please complete the following form to order additional HHWC sponsor t-shirts.  Each registered club member, club coach, and sponsor will receive one free t-shirt.  All additional shirts must be ordered using this form.  This form allows for an order of up to seven shirts.  If more than seven shirts is desired simply submit this form multiple times to account for ordering the additional shirts.  

Upon completing the form an invoice will be emailed to the email address provided on this form to complete the payment.  

Youth Small-Adult XL = $11.00
Adult XXL = $13.00
Adult XXXL & XXXXL = $15.00
All shirts will be available for pick up  at picture night (November 18th & 19th).

Select samples may be available at Ironside Apparel & Promotions for sizing purposes.
There are no returns or exchanges